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Human Trafficking Education

Trauma-informed care, The long-term effects, What it looks like in the U.S.

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Trafficking in the LGBTQ Community. 11/30/16

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Our Resiliency Scholarship

Learn more about our Resiliency Scholarship, how it is funded, and how to apply.

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Free to Be Me
(Courage + Resiliency) x Innovation = Accomplishment

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  My name is K.D. Roche and I started Free to Be Me as a support network for those who have overcome significant hardship. The idea behind the network is to empower survivors (of domestic abuse, addiction, assault, human trafficking, poverty, physical/mental disease, etc.) to rise above their challenges. Surviving these challenges can lead to […]

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  Request a training  Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence Education, Sales training, Employee retention & Productivity, etc. Purchase a copy of Made in the U.S.A.  -Click on the “Shop” tab at the top of the page. Shop selflessly on our Etsy page , where 50% of every purchase goes towards our “Resiliency Scholarship” available to survivors of significant […]

Resiliency Scholarship

One thing I have learned in life that continues to stress itself more and more as I grow is that we are all born with some type of righteous anger. What is it that makes you so blood boiling mad that you want to shout about it to the world? This is your calling. This […]


Trafficking in the LGBTQ Community. This webinar is going to be a one hour training on Trafficking in the LGBTQ Community. It will cover various topics including: What makes LGBTQ+ youth particularly vulnerable to trafficking, Language and Lingo: Who is who and what is what (LGBTQ+ commonly used terms), What are the specific needs/differences when […]