About Us


My name is K.D. Roche and I started Free to Be Me as a support network for those who have overcome significant hardship. Whether someone is a survivor of domestic abuse, addiction, assault, human trafficking, poverty, physical/mental disease, etc., we want to empower them rise above their challenges.

Having experienced a variety of traumas personally, I know first hand the setbacks, anxiety, depression, and other barriers that survivors encounter on a daily basis. I am incredibly passionate about educating the public on the impact of trauma on its sufferers. Many people, including those that suffer from post-traumatic stress, do not understand the neuroscience behind the disorder. I believe that understanding is a huge step in helping those in need. (By the way, feel free to view my short video if you would like a short description of PTSD, the neuroscience behind it, and the recovery process.)

I am also passionate about educating others on the specific vulnerabilities among the LGBTQ community, particularly LGBTQ+ youth.

I am a SURVIVOR but I am also public speaker, published author, consultant, mother, partner and entrepreneur.

If you would like more information on how to book a speaking engagement, training seminar, book-signing, sales training, etc. please visit the Contact page.

My story that I wrote is available in the book, “Made in the U.S.A.” by Alisa Jordheim. It is available for purchase under the “Products” section.