Easily one of the most powerful people I’ve heard speak! Real, honest, and empowering for everyone in KD’s presence.

-Southern Indiana Human Trafficking Conference attendee

K.D. was an amazing speaker at the Southern Indiana Human Trafficking conference today! Her creative and humorous style added some levity to an otherwise dark subject, and it made me feel hopeful for the future.

-Southern Indiana Human Trafficking Conference attendee

K.D. has been a frequent speaker at a nationally renowned conference I created and organized for several years, the JuST Conference. She always received great reviews, including appreciative comments about her candid approach to teaching, a great blend of personal and professional experience. She’s an outstanding advocate for survivors of trafficking as well as the LGBTQ community. She is loved in the secular and faith communities alike. She is smart, hard-working, and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those she meets. It has always been a pleasure to work together, and I heartily recommend K.D. for consultation and training on a host of subjects.

-Elizabeth Scaife, Program Director at Rescue: Freedom International,

Former Sr. Director of Training at Shared Hope International

I was empowered and moved by her discussion today at the Human Trafficking awareness conference. She has an amazing energy and kept the audience engaged throughout while talking about such a difficult topic. Job well done with many valuable insights given.

-Latanya Ellenbrand, RN